About Cosy Cottage

Kamieskroon, the soul of Namaqualand is situated 67km south of Springbok and 47km north of Garies making it the ideal location for tourists and explorers to this area as it is central and has flower routes within a 60km radius into all directions. Experience a semi-desert region transforming into a rainbow-colored carpetry of flowers. Make your stay an enjoyable and comfortable one and join us in town at either of our self-catering units.

Situated on a quiet hill top Cosy Cottage is bound to get you relaxed and into the tranquil mood that makes this town a serene gem for passers-by. With “Boesmankop” (meaning ‘Bushmen’s Hilltop’) as its backdrop and “Kamiesberg” Mountain Range on its porch you’re bound to switch off from bright city lights and back into nature. Situated between Springbok and Garies, Kamieskroon is the ideal spot for flower seasons tourists as there are flower routes in various directions within a 60km radius of this truly Namaqualand town. Namaqualand is home to some of the world’s richest annual flora of any arid region in the world and more than 1000 of its estimated 3500 plant species are found nowhere else on earth.

Various species of amphibians, reptiles and general mammals have adapted to these harsh conditions. Making Namaqua National Park Skilpad Section also a highlight during the flower season. With an unforgettable sight of hills and valleys filled with an array of beautiful and seasonal flowers. The unspoilt coastal region is also breath-taking as it explodes with a display of colourful wildflowers.

This amazing sight-seeing tour is all within range of Kamieskroon Town as it is only a morning’s drive away. “Kamies” means “to bundle” and that’s exactly what the mountain range surrounding ‘Cosy Cottage’ does, at first glance it appears to have been “bundled” by the Creator of this stunning area providing a feeling of coziness and belonging.

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